• A lot of abuse and death I also dont want to talk about
  • Not actually as close to Hiyori as shown in canon
  • Asexual as fuck but still lowkey flirted with others (in a joking way)
  • Tried to make a lot of happy memories with yukine and the others but I still had bad memories I couldnt stop thinking about
Dark Pit
  • I was so edgy god fuck thats embarrassing
  • Pit always tried to joke around with me and I used to not have any of it
  • Settled down from all of that though and warmed up to him and others a little bit more
  • Got used to having him around
  • Still went off and did my own thing and wandered around
  • Cried really hard when that happened
Osamu Dazai
  • Qpps/kind of dating Atsushi??
  • Kunikida would never take my bullshit but he still had my back and trusted me anyways
  • Im such a wanted man come on people let me die in peace
  • Lowkey misses Chuuya
Ruby Rose
Katsuhira Agata